My favourite crafts supplies stores in Paris

In October 2018, I went to Paris for 4 days, I met Sadhguru for our meditators sathsang. It was a great experience and no words can describe my feelings when meeting Sadhguru.

The next day I went to several crafts supplies stores in Paris city center and I want to recommend these shops to you. If you are interested in jewelry making, beadwork and embroidery, do not miss those places:

1. Perles Corner

Address: 11 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris, France

Jewelry accessories, beads, sequins, threads and tools for jewelry making. In their website they offer tutorials for jewelry making, especially beadwork. And in their shop they have crafts room where regular jewelry making workshops are hosted.


2. Matière Première

Address: 12 Rue de Sévigné, 75004 Paris, France


I went to Matière Première for beads hunting, there I found they had a huge collection of metal accessories, beads, stones and Swarovski stones.


3. La Réserve des arts (Recycling center)

Address: 53 Rue Cartier Bresson, 93500 Pantin, France

La Réserve des arts is an organization which collects wasted materials from Paris fashion industry. In their warehouse you can find a lot of textile, leathers, threads, wood and metal. The price is very low so it is suitable for craft hobbyists and fashion students with low budgets.

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Jing Wang